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Presentations available online

The slides of the various presentations and keynote lectures given during COSGov are now available online.

Note that those presentations are written and distributed under the License Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5.

COSGov broadcasted in SOI Asia

The sessions of COSGov Vietnam will be broadcasted in SOI Asia network in Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Mongolia and Japan.

You can check out at SOI Asia website for more information.

Các phiên Hội thảo COSGov được phát trên hệ thống SOI Asia

Các phiên hội thảo COSGov Vietnam sẽ được phát trên hệ thống SOI Asia network ở các nước Thái Lan, Lào, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Việt Nam, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, Campuchia, Mông Cổ và Nhật bản.

Quý vị có thể xem trên địa chỉ SOI Asia website để biết thêm thông tin.

Online registration is now closed

Due to the already high number of registered partipants, we do not accept registrations for the conference and tutorials anymore. Thank you for your interest in COSGov.

Check out Jon maddog Hall interview online.

Jon maddog Hall will give a keynote lecture at COSGov on sept. 28. Check out his interview online.

Program online

Check out the program? for the list of sessions, tutorials and keynote lectures. … continue reading

Online registration opens

Registration to the conference and tutorials is free.
Please note that tutorials will take place in computer labs and therefore will be accessible only to a limited number of people.
Make sure to register online? before September 20, 2005. … continue reading

Call for presentations is now open

The Call For Presentations (CFP) is now open!
All submissions should be sent to before june 15 2005.
More info.


The COSGov'05 Web site is online. The conference will be help on September 2005 in Vietnam. … continue reading